The Data Management Platform for Wildlife Monitoring Cameras

We manage images and associated metadata generated from programs using camera traps to detect fauna for conservation projects.


A Continually Improving Image Management Platform Focused on Conservation

Ensuring data management efficiency, standardisation, data discoverability, and consistency in reporting.

With integrated machine learning algorithms providing computer assisted data labelling of species, further increasing the efficiency of processing camera trap images.

450 +
AI Algorithms
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Ease of Use

A clean user interface which is a pleasure to use.

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Computer Assisted Tagging

Image labelling automated per species on as needed basis.

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Embedded Data Standards

Easy to use standardised data providing consistent reporting

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Powerful Search

Our fast search provides instant access to images and meta data .

SAPapp Strengths

Guaranteed Reliability & Efficiency

Service & Support

Ease of Data Entry

Built In Quality Control

Computer Assisted Tagging Reliability

Data Management & Security

Search Capability & Reporting

Cost Optimisation

the SAPapp Platform on AWS

The Hidden Power of SAPapp

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Agile scalable platform providing seamless growth in line with your business.

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Innovation Optionality

Unlocking new operational efficiencies and business opportunities by leveraging the latest Cloud technologies. e.g. AI, Analytics, API Data sharing etc.

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Peace of mind, with secure platform, instant automatic backups and internal security roles, undergoing ISO 27001 certification.

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AWS Architecture Approved

Our SAPapp Solution has been approved by AWS architects adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

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Lower Costs

Lower run costs through elastic, efficient sizing of technology for example AI models are trained on "As Needed" basis.

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Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Models are trained on "As Needed" basis, lowering cost, improving speed and targeting species that enable time saving.

Why Choose Us

We believe technology can be a game changer for conservation

We work with conservation groups around the world to accelerate the access to reliable empirical evidence to support conservation decisions.


Automatic Identification

We can automatically identify target species.


Automatic Alerting

With a 4G/5G camera we can ingest the image, identify the species and if it's of interest send an alert to your phone within seconds.


Continual Improvement

Ever evolving with continual pipeline of improvements.

We are here to help


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